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Team Trudeau 2019

Amy Bronson, working hard for you in Lethbridge

Growing up in Lethbridge, Amy learned the value of hard work and community service from her father, a small business owner in the beef industry, and her mother, a nurse. Amy is passionate about fighting for Lethbridge’s agriculture, local businesses and public services.

Amy has worked for local businesses, been a performing artist, and volunteered throughout the community. After graduating from Lethbridge Collegiate Institute, Amy earned a degree from the University of Guelph and a Master’s Degree in Global Affairs from the University of Toronto. She has worked across Canada and internationally building a career as a management consultant.

As your next Member of Parliament, Amy will be the strong voice Lethbridge needs at the table to see our community put first by lowering taxes on the middle class, supporting our region's agriculture, creating good jobs in Lethbridge, protecting our environment, and caring for families and seniors.

Forward: A real plan for a strong middle class

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